Temporary Closure of Artspace Aotearoa Gallery

From Monday 23 March, Artspace Aotearoa will temporarily close the gallery to the public as we assist the collective attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 down. The team feels responsible for the safety of our community and therefore we feel it is necessary to close the gallery until further notice.

Please keep supporting our artistic communities where you can, they need your help. If you require any advice, guidance, or just want to have a chat, our communication lines are still open. You can reach us by phone or our info@artspace.org.nz email address during work hours.

Next week we will announce an alternative programme, offering a series of opportunities for artists, writers and cultural agents. In the meantime we continue to work hard with all our colleagues to advocate the softening of personal and professional implications of COVID-19 throughout the sector.

Kia kaha e hoa mā.

Remco de Blaaij
Director Kaitohu
Artspace Aotearoa

Updated Sunday 22 March