Artspace Aotearoa is a non-profit contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. Founded in 1987 by artists and arts workers, it continues to be artist-led. Our work centres the ways in which art contributes to our understanding and reimagining of the world in which we live. We work within a specific city context, and spiral out into national and international conversations that promote practices that present emancipatory world views. With a specific focus on developing an intergenerational kaupapa, we seek to present established, emerging and under-recognised positions.

Each year our programme orbits around one question in the company of artists. We explore the edges of what this question offers us and what artworks and their authors can weave together. Our cornerstone exhibitions are texturised by our other activities including our online reading and screening rooms, artist talks, workshops, panel discussions, and more.

You can think of the programme as one exhibition in five parts, as a score played across a calendar, or maybe even as a forest. Join us.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Artspace Aotearoa acknowledges Te Tiriti o Waitangi The Treaty of Waitangi as Aotearoa New Zealand’s founding document. Artspace Aotearoa prioritises the analysis, development and maintenance of practices which nurture the evolving relationship of the dual constitutional heritage of Te Tiriti.


Tiaki Board

The Board is guided by a Tiaki model with three core focus areas:

  1. Tikanga; Kawa; Sector Growth; and Strategic Networking

  2. Leadership and staff Well-being; Artist Relationships; Art-space and Art-place (Identity)

  3. Audit and Risk, Benefactors, Business Innovation and Funding Partnerships

Tiaki Trustees

He Manu Taiko

  1. Tūī is a descendent of Ohomairangi and Mākuratawhiti of the Ngāti Ohomairangi people. Her grandparents hail from the vessels: Te Arawa, Hōkioi, Tainui, Honoiti, Uruao, Hohou-te rongo, Kaiwhare, Mataatua, Nukutere, Nukutaimemeha, Paikea, Ārai-te-uru, Uruao, Tākitimu, Manuka, Maahunui, Ko Wai Ka Tohu, Kurahaupō.

    A highly skilled Māori performing artist, Tūī is an expert in Mau rākau a Matarua (Weaponry Māori). She is a specialist in patu (short clubs) and teaches this artform to people of Aotearoa, Australia, Hawaii and London. Tūī is the senior wahine karanga for her many pā/marae throughout Te Arawa, mai Maketu ki Tongariro. Tūī performs karanga me te poroporoākī no matter what pā or environ and surrounds she enters throughout Aotearoa’s landscape, near and far.

    Tūī is a kapa haka guru, traditional, marae/pā and contemporary creator, composer, singer, choreographer, mentor, performing artist, tutor and first female tutor and leader of Te Matarae-i-Ōrehu 1994 - 1997 (top National Kapa Haka), and over the last 40+ years has been a judge for Māori performing art forms from primary through to tertiary level, including senior regional levels, and for Te Matatini. She has stood with the crème de la crème groups in Aotearoa from the age of 16 years. She has judged various ahurei and ahurea throughout Aotearoa, Hawai’i and Australia, including traditional and contemporary contexts/festivals and competitions.

    “Te Arawa māngai nui ūpoko tūtakitahi e kore e nuku, hei hā!”
    “Ngā puna he rau a Atuamatua!”


Former Staff

  1. Remco de Blaaij (2017-2022)
    Misal Adnan Yıldız (2015-2017)
    Caterina Riva (2012-2015)
    Emma Bugden (2008-2011)
    Brian Butler (2005-2008)
    Tobias Berger (2003-2005)
    Hanna Scott (2002-2003)
    Robert Leonard (1997-2001)
    Lara Bowen (1993-1996)
    Priscilla Pitts (1989-1993)
    Mary-Louise Browne (1987-1989)

  2. Tyson Campbell (Curator, 2022-2023)
    Georgina Brett (Production Manager, 2018-2022)
    Aliyah Winter (Front of House and Communications Assistant, 2021-2022)
    Meijing He (Manahautu General Manager, 2019-2022)
    Daniel John Corbett Sanders (Kaiāwhina Whakaaturanga Assistant Curator, 2021-2022)
    Geneva Alexander-Marsters (Marketing, Media, and Communications Assistant 2018-2021
    Tyson Campbell (Assistant Curator, 2020-2021)
    Lachlan Taylor (Assistant Curator, 2019-2020)
    Jaimee Stockman-Young (Gallery Administrator, 2017)
    Leah Mulgrew (Communications Coordinator, 2011-2017)
    Bridget Riggir-Cuddy (Assistant Curator, 2017-2018)
    Cameron Ah Loo-Matamua (Education Intern, 2017)
    Anna Gardner (Gallery Administrator, 2010-2016)
    Henry Davidson (Curatorial Assistant, 2015)
    Louisa Afoa (Education Intern, 2015)
    Amelia Hitchcock (Curatorial Assistant, 2013/2014)
    Ahilapalapa Rands (Education Intern, 2014)
    Alex Davidson (Curatorial Assistant, 2012/2013)
    Ioana Gordon-Smith (Education Intern, 2013)
    Arron Santry (Curatorial Intern, 2011)
    Annie Bradley (Communications Manager, 2010)
    Lena Kovac (Administrator, 2010)
    Roman Mitch (Curatorial Intern, 2010)
    Vera Mey (Education and Media Intern, 2010)
    Robyn Maree Pickens (Curatorial Intern, 2009)
    Victoria Henderson (Resource Manager, 2009)
    Kate Brettkelly-Chalmers (Curatorial Intern, 2008)
    Ida Moberg (Communications Manager, 2007)
    Ariane Craig-Smith (Curatorial Intern, 2007 and Project Manager 2019)
    Laura Preston (Curatorial Intern, 2006)
    Tessa Giblin (Assistant Curator, 2005)
    Sonya Korohina (Administrator, 2001)
    Constance McArdle (Projects Manager, 1998)
    Kelly Carmichael (Administrator, 1998)

Creative Commons

All texts written by Artspace Aotearoa are under the Creative Commons License. Texts by external authors or sources usually are not, except where noted otherwise.



+64 9 303 4965

292 Karangahape Road
Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland 1010
Aotearoa New Zealand

292 Karangahape Road
Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland 1010
Aotearoa New Zealand