Tuesday 20 July 10:00am – Saturday 07 August 6:00pm, 2021


Date Tuesday 20 July – Saturday 07 August 2021
Time 10:00am – 6:00pm
Location Artspace Aotearoa, 292 Karangahape Rd
Entry Free and open to all
Part of Slow Boil

[60 min]

Now showing in cinema.
20 July - 7 August



  • Dimakarri ‘Ray’ Dixon (Mudburra)
  • Jack Green (Garawa, Gudanji)
  • Gadrian Hoosan (Garrwa, Yanyuwa)
  • Robert O’Keefe (Wambaya)
  • Juliri Ingra and Neola Savage (Gooreng Gooreng)
  • Que Kenny (Western Arrarnta)
  • Cassie Williams (Western Arrarnta)
  • The Sandridge Band from Borroloola
  • Professor Irene Watson (Tanganekald, Meintangk Bunganditj)

Artspace Aotearoa and Slow Boil presents INFRACTIONS (2019), a feature-length video installation platforming the struggles of frontline Indigenous cultural workers against threats to more than 50% of the Northern Territory of Australia from shale gas fracking.

Refuting capitalist and colonial models of land and water in the driest continent on earth, INFRACTIONS features musician/community leader Dimakarri ‘Ray’ Dixon (Mudburra); two-time Telstra Award finalist Jack Green, who is also winner of the the 2015 Peter Rawlinson Conservation Award (Garawa, Gudanji); musician/community leader Gadrian Hoosan (Garrwa, Yanyuwa); ranger Robert O’Keefe(Wambaya); educators Juliri Ingra and Neola Savage (Gooreng Gooreng); Ntaria community worker and law student Que Kenny(Western Arrarnta); musician Cassie Williams (Western Arrarnta); the Sandridge Band from Borroloola; and Professor Irene Watson(Tanganekald, Meintangk Bunganditj) contributor to the draft UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, 1990-1994.

More information including podcasts with First Nations speakers as part of the Institute of Modern Art national tour can be found here: ima.org.au/exhibitions/infractions/


  • Director/Research/Camera/Sound: Rachel O’Reilly
  • Producer: Mason Leaver-Yap
  • Editor/Visual Research: Sebastian Bodirsky
  • Camera: Tibor Hegedis, Colleen Raven (Nharla Photography)
  • Sound mastering: Jochen Jezussek
  • Map visuals: Valle Medina, Benjamin Reynolds (Pa.LaC.E)
  • Subtitles: Katharina Habibi
  • Additional support: Australia Council for the Arts