Friday 08 May 10:00am – Thursday 14 May 10:00am, 2020

Staying in / Getting out part 1 - Steve Lovett

Date Friday 08 May – Thursday 14 May 2020
Time 10:00am – 10:00am
Location Follow @artspace.aotearoa on Instagram
Entry Free and open to all
Part of Artspace Aotearoa Digital Residency

Steve Lovett

Staying In, Getting Out: Part 1

‘The lockdown has re-written our relationships with making art works, with socialising around our various art practices. The lockdown has also changed the ways we engage with and participate in the digital realm. Staying in / Getting out is concerned with fathoming these changes through our creative exchanges, conversations and by acknowledging the makeshift nature of things at the moment and making shifts in how we approach making work and sense of this. The intertwined concepts embodied by Staying in / Getting out is an opportunity to creatively explore lockdown aesthetics and using the digital to facilitate getting out to range through the (un)likely, (un)profitable, the (im)probable and re-navigating back into our art practices.
Staying in / Getting out is intended to be a collaborative exchange of ideas, dialogue, references, resources, images and ways to facilitate creative processes. Collectively we may through our contributions to the project over the tenure of the residency programme generate an understanding of how we can continue to produce work.’

  • Steve Lovett

    ​In the first week of this residency Steve Lovett will host zoom conversations to take the temperature of the changes we face, listing and addressing first of what faces emerging artists. Lovett invites you all to tune in and participate in this conversation. There will be zooms with people about the economics of art production and links to contextualising articles. There will be a daily art making challenge courtesy of the @housebound_art_club, a creative brain teaser about making something everyday.

This residency is in two parts. The first half will take place from now until 14 May and the second half will be at the end from 10 July - 16 July, 2020.

Steve Lovett

Lovett is an artist and educator engaged in print research and teaching. Currently Lovett is managing the Elam School of Fine Art print lab. With Dr. Alex Monteith, Lovett is establishing the Bent Press at Elam School of Fine Arts.
Steve Lovett is also engaged education research into the socioeconomic questions underpinning cultural capital and literacy acquisition. Lovett’s art practice concerns the body and our investment in the processes of representation, working towards understanding our bodies against the politics of presence. For several years now Lovett has embarked on collaborative projects engaging with social questions that infect and inflect art practices. Recent examples are, Wansolwara, 2014; Image Streams, 2015; Re-reading The Rainbow, 2016 and Are We Over the Rainbow, 2019.