Saturday 27 August 2022, 11:00am

Te Moana Meridian Conference

Date Saturday 27 August 2022
Time 11:00am – 6:15pm
Location Artspace Aotearoa, 292 Karangahape Rd
Entry Free and open to all
Part of Te Moana Meridian: Sam Hamilton

Registration essential.

Te Moana Meridian Conference is a day-long event presented by Artspace Aotearoa, Vā Moana and AUT. Featuring 16 of Aotearoa’s preeminent intellectual luminaries, the conference aims to unpack and explore the potential of Te Moana Meridian: a proposal to relocate the international prime meridian from Greenwich, UK, to its antipodean coordinates in Te Moana-Nui-ā-Kiwa / The Pacific Ocean.

This internationally relevant kaupapa seeks to not only review the function and legitimacy of a core piece of global infrastructure, but reimagine it entirely. and in doing so, consider how humanity might want to collectively and metaphysically locate, relate, and realign itself into the future.

The event is the critical public program as part of the exhibition Te Moana Meridian by Sam Hamilton. The conference will consist of a series of facilitated talanoa, panel discussions, and manaaki featuring experts across art, culture, politics, science, academia, and their many intersections.

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Mihi whakatau/Introduction


Vā Moana led Talanoa

Moderator: Albert L Refiti

Participants: Pita Turei, Therese Mangos, Sonny Natanielu, Emily Parr


Lunch break


Panel I: The culture of time and space

Moderator: Dina Jezdic

Participants: Dan Hikuroa, Jack Gray, Rhonda Tibble, Anisha Shankar


Panel II: Re-imagining the prime meridian in practice, politics and policy

Moderator: Janet McAllister

Participants: Janine Randerson, David Garcia, David Hall, Lisa Meto Fox



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