28 April – 10 June 2022

K'Road Expression

K’Road Expression
Marika Venczellak
28 April - 10 June 2022

K’Road Expression is a new project by Marika Venczellak. The project collages together the front covers of local publications such as The Angel’s Rhapsody and Auckland based LGBTQ+ newspaper Express Magazine thematically with found imagery and song lyrics. Through the neon lights of clubs and lyrics of old dance music, K’Road Expression is a tribute to the spirit of Karangahape Road nightspace and to the underground cultures that sustain the street. K’Road Expression is a showcase of Venczellak’s pride and love for Karangahape Road.


Marika Venczellak is a Karangahape Road resident with a passion for uplifting and supporting local communities, in particular the fashion, music and art scenes around Karangahape Road. Venczellak has been involved in several community projects, most recently including the distribution of local publication The Angel’s Rhapsody.