23 September – 29 October 2016

New Perspectives with Simon Denny

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Louisa Afoa
Diva Blair
Quishile Charan
Hikalu Clarke
Owen Connors
Charlotte Drayton
Matilda Fraser
Motoko Kikkawa
Louise Lever
Theo Macdonald
Huni Mancini
Tiger Murdoch
Dominique Nicolau nico
Aroha Novak
George Rump
Mark Schroder,
Anna Sisson
Hannah Valentine
Tim Wagg
Faith Wilson

Louisa Afoa is an Auckland-based artist and writer. She holds a BVA from AUT University. Afoa is also co-founder and contributor of critical arts website Hashtag500words as well as co-director of the artist run space RM. Recent shows include: Transoceanic Visual Exchange, RM Gallery, Auckland; Fresh Milk Gallery, Barbados; Te Ihu o Mataoho, ST Paul St Gallery, Auckland; THE HIVE HUMS WITH MANY MINDS, Te Tuhi Offsite: Silo 6, Wynyard Quarter, downtown Auckland.

Diva Blair is an artist currently practicing in Auckland. Recent exhibitions include: Should I tell you what the actual Sistine Chapel looks like, RM gallery, Auckland; Animidst, Rockies Auckland; 13, Terror Management, Auckland.

Quishile Charan is currently studying towards a BFA (Hons) at Elam School of Fine Arts. Her work looks into the history of indentured labour and its continual effects on Indo-Fijians and the political landscape of Viti, Fiji. Charan uses traditional modes of textile making and natural pigment dyeing to create an open dialogue into colonial histories. Recent exhibitions include: Samundar and Haldi, Objectspace, Auckland.

Hikalu Clarke was born in Japan and raised in Palmerston North. He currently lives and works in Auckland where he is currently undertaking an MFA at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design. Hikalu was one of the codevelopers of the project space DEMO.

Owen Connors lives and works in Auckland. He studied at Elam and Auckland University’s writing studies department. Recent shows and work include: ‘fuck me: sex under capitalism,’ 1. Time Out bookstore, 2015; 2. During the exhibition, ‘Shadow of the Dome of Pleasure’, Artspace 2015, and 3. at rm gallery, 2016. Recent/upcoming writing in: brief, desperate, matters, fuck me, Argos Aotearoa and T.I.N.A as part of babaloose (Glasgow).

Charlotte Drayton is based in Auckland, New Zealand. She holds an MFA (Hons) from AUT. Selected shows include: Driving from the nearest city, the roads are gradually smaller, stonier, less well kept, with Ammon Ngakuru for the Stazione Di Topolò (Italy); It must be nice to work outside on a day like today, commissioned by Te Tuhi for The Hive Hums; A Slow Dance To Elevator Music, FUZZYVIBES, Auckland; Carpet Burn, Papakura Art Gallery, Auckland.

Matilda Fraser is an artist and writer who holds a BFA from Massey University, Wellington and an MFA from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland. Recent shows include: liquid assets, Rockies, Auckland; A singularly minute distribution, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland; Ways of Looking, Enjoy/Wellington Public Sculpture. She was the 2015 Writer-in- Residence at Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin, producing a series of nested texts entitled Against Efficiency about the nature of criticism.

Motoko Kikkawa was born in Japan and currently lives and works in Dunedin as an artist and musician. She holds a Bachelor of Philosophy from Nihon University, Tokyo and a BFA from Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin. Recent exhibitions include: there is always something behind anything, Fine art gallery Inge Doesburg, Dunedin and 2015 iD2K16, Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin.

Louise Lever is an artist and writer based in Melbourne. She holds a MFA (Hons) from the Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland. Previous shows include: the 24th Annual Wallace Art Awards, the 2015 National Contemporary Art Award and Wharepuke Sculpture Park.

Theo Macdonald is based in Auckland and currently completing a BFA (Hons) degree at the University of Auckland. His work is predominantly based in video and performance. Past exhibitions include: Avoiding Climax: Bella and Theo Understand it Better but the Frog Dies (with Isabella Dampney) at Window Gallery, I Think We Should Put Some Mountains Here (with Isabella Dampney) at Rockies, and Is It The Beginning of a New Age at The Engine Room.

Tiger Murdoch holds an MFA from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland and has been working in public spaces throughout Aotearoa New Zealand over the past two years. Recent awards and exhibitions include: Artists without Border, Freedom, St Genevieve, Missouri, USA and National Contemporary Art Award Finalist, Waikato Museum, New Zealand (2016).

Aroha Novak is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Ōtepoti (Dunedin). Novak has been exhibiting consistently since 2008 in project spaces, public galleries and derelict sites in Te Wai Pounamu (the South Island). She graduated from the Dunedin School of Art with an MFA in Sculpture in 2013.

George Rump was born in Portsmouth, United Kingdom and now lives and works in Aotearoa New Zealand. He was a co-founder of Terror Internationale Artist Initiative. Recent work includes: Pacific Realtime Project, Auckland Art Fair; Friday 13th Group show, Terror Internationale, Auckland; The Bill: For a Collective Unconscious, Artspace, Auckland; Universe City, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland; Published work in Le Roy Magazine Issue 3 & 4; Photo Series in L R Magazine (2015).

Mark Schroder is an Auckland based artist. He completed a Master of Art and Design at AUT in 2015. Recent exhibitions include: Swimming the 109, Glovebox, Auckland; The Hive Hums With Many Minds, part two, Te Tuhi Offsite, Silo6, Auckland; and Adjacent Industries (Rainfades), FUZZYVIBES, Auckland.

Anna Sisson is in her honours year at Elam. Recent exhibitions include: remnants of the banished at Michael Lett gallery, Auckland, Kiss me or kill me at George Fraser, Auckland, a group show at Terror International, Auckland and was also represented by Terror International at the Auckland Art Fair. She experiments with a wide range of media including video, photography, painting, sculpture and installation.

Hannah Valentine is an Auckland based artist whose practice is based around the body, movement and participation. She completed a BFA (Hons)/BA from The University of Auckland, and returned in 2016 to work towards an MFA. Recent exhibitions include: The Arena, Glovebox, Auckland; Three lefts make a right, North Projects, Christchurch and At-one-moment, Pilot, Hamilton.

Tim Wagg is an artist currently based in Auckland. He holds a BFA from Elam School of Arts. Recent shows include: You can’t put your hands around a memory, Glovebox, Auckland, Let The Cobbler Stick to His Last, New York, One does not pet a rattlesnake until it has been defanged; only then does one take it on the road so that one and all can marvel at its natural beauty, The Physics Room, Christchurch, Probstian Aesthetic, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin, Wasteland, Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland.

Faith Wilson is an artist and writer from Kirikiroa who is now based in Te Whanganaui-a-Tara. She completed her BA in English Literature and Philosophy at Waikato University, Honours in English Literature and MA in Creative Writing at Victoria University/International Institute of Modern Letters. She moves between the disciplines of writing, performance and video.

Yllwbro is a collaborative sibling duo that began working together as students. Yllwbro wishes to remain an anonymous partnership and would like to acknowledge the generous support of Ursula Cranmer in this process.

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