18 August – 19 October 2021

When The Dust Settles

Due to the announcement on Tuesday 17 August regarding the change of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland to Alert Level 4 from 11:59pm tonight, Artspace Aotearoa will temporarily close the gallery to the public as we assist the collective attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 down. The team feels responsible for the safety of our community, therefore we feel it is necessary to close the gallery until further notice.

We have been preparing for this and have a wealth of experience within our team to make sure there will be continuous but alternative programming for our exhibition series When The Dust Settles, which was supposed to open on Wednesday 18 August, 2021. We would like to thank the artists, dealer galleries, Webbs auction house and supporters in the artistic community who made this possible.

When The Dust Settles

18 August — 19 October 2021

Fundraising Auction: 14 — 19 October 2021
Catalogue online soon.

Over the last 34 years, Artspace Aotearoa has presented over 400 exhibitions by more than 2000 artists. For When The Dust Settles, 34 seminal artists return to Artspace Aotearoa to contribute significant works towards an ambitious and unconventional exhibition and fundraiser.

The first instalment of When The Dust Settles includes works by:

Mark Adams
Billy Apple®
Stella Brennan
Phil Dadson
Gavin Hipkins
Jess Johnson
Dane Mitchell
Sarah Smuts-Kennedy

The second instalment of When The Dust Settles includes works by:

Mary-Louise Browne
Joyce Campbell
Judy Darragh
Claudia Kogachi
Julia Morison
Ann Shelton
Ella Sutherland
Yvonne Todd

The artists included in the third and fourth phases of When The Dust Settles will be announced soon.

These artists have all made significant contributions to the story of Artspace Aotearoa, and have pledged their support to this project in recognition of the considerable impact our organisation has made on their practices, and more broadly, on contemporary art discourse and practice in Aotearoa. We are extremely grateful for their support, as well as that of the gallerists, writers, and other members of our community who have come together to celebrate the history of our organisation, and tautoko our future.

When The Dust Settles will include works by foundational artists and more recent alumni of our programme, including Billy Apple®, Stella Brennan, Brett Graham, Nikau Hindin, Claudia Kogachi, Judy Millar, Dane Mitchell, Fiona Pardington, Peter Robinson, Yvonne Todd and others. The full list of participating artists will be released as the programme unfolds, and includes 13 Walters Prize nominees and 5 Venice Biennale representatives.

When The Dust Settles will culminate in a fundraising auction on Tuesday 19 October. This auction intends to generate the last necessary funds to complete three newly designed spaces in the Artspace Aotearoa basement. These include a cinema and project space equipped to show moving image work from Aotearoa and overseas, a workshop open to artists and the public, and an international and local residency studio that will house four residents per year, stimulating non-result based artistic research.

The completion of these spaces will realise a greater and better aligned range of opportunities and entry points for artists, curators and other cultural practitioners at Artspace Aotearoa.

Artspace Aotearoa has assembled a dedicated team to manage this project, and are grateful to have the support of Webb’s, who will conduct auction proceedings. The visual identity of When The Dust Settles is designed by Extended Whānau.

You can read more about the kaupapa of When The Dust Settles in the PDF document below.

Contact the gallery to ensure you are notified when the catalogue for When The Dust Settles is published online.