5 September 2023

Artspace Aotearoa seeks Tiaki Board Secretary

Artspace Aotearoa holds monthly face-to-face governance meetings. The Secretary is to liaise with the Kaihautū | Co-Chairs, Kaitohu | Director, and the Manahautū | General Manager to prepare and disseminate the Board Pack one week in advance of the meeting. Created using an online platform, BoardPro, the Board Pack contains an agenda, programmatic and financial reports, and minutes for review. The Secretary is welcome to actively contribute in Tiaki | Board conversations. During the meeting, the Secretary is to transcribe the minutes and record decisions and actions. Artspace Aotearoa is a not-for-profit trust, therefore it is important that discussions and decisions are recorded accurately and appropriately as they will be made accessible to the public on request. Within one week following the meeting, the minutes and actions are to be circulated among the Tiaki | Board for review. Other administrative duties include updating the Charities Register and minuting the annual Hui-ā-Tau. The Secretary reports to the Kaihautū | Co-Chairs of the Tiaki | Board.

Outside of our monthly meetings, the Tiaki | Board are invited to attend a range of events to manaaki people involved in the Artspace Aotearoa exhibitions and programming. This gives us opportunities to build and maintain relationships with our community of arts supporters and practitioners. The Secretary role will enable you to develop practical experience in governance and to gain insight into the operations of a contemporary art organisation.

Artspace Aotearoa considers diversity, equity and inclusion to be fundamental to the development of a stronger and more representative art sector. Input from diverse professional skill sets, characteristics and backgrounds helps us to think about issues and opportunities from a range of mindsets and world views.

Nau mai, Hara Mai.


Applications close: September 24th

Please send expressions of interest with a CV to Emily Parr; emily@artspace.org.nz