Open Call: Instagram Residency

Applications Close:
Thursday 16 April 2020

4 Residencies available

Artspace Aotearoa invites artists, curators, or other creative practitioners to submit a proposal to participate in a series of Instagram residencies which aim to engage with our online community. The Instagram Residency programme will run for a slot of twelve weeks, from Friday 17 April through to Friday 10 July, 2020.

A total of four practitioners will be selected to host an Instagram Residency. Each running for a duration of two weeks, with an expectation to maintain a consistent online presence. Through the Instagram platform your residency should convey, communicate a story pertinent to the ideas outlined in your proposal; which responded to the subject for this residency programme.

We want to hear from a diverse range of practices, which have a clear perspective and direction towards their kaupapa. For this particular programme, we seek proposals from denizens of Aotearoa whose practices are informed by, or reflect upon the uniqueness of their connection to Aotearoa.

Open call for Practitioners:

  • 300-500 word imaginative proposal or video recording (up to 6 minutes) that outlines and describes the kaupapa of your practice, along with a clear idea of what you want to get out of the residency.
  • One image, or audio recording, for the purpose of illustration, clarity or inspiration. This does not have to be of the proposed work itself.
  • The Instagram residency is open to people of Aotearoa near or far; denizens either corporeally, or 'spiritually'.
  • Your proposal should be in response to the way your Aotearoa connection informs your practice. How does your connection situate your practice in a global context?

    - Send your proposal to

Practitioners will receive:

  • A residency fee of $850.
  • Access to the Artspace Aotearoa Instagram account for one fortnight.
  • Support in the form of feedback from the Artspace Aotearoa team.
  • An archived record of the residency on the site.