Lady Tunakaimanu Fielakepa, recipient of the 2020 Prince Claus Award

We are incredibly proud and honoured to have the lifework of Lady Tunakaimanu Fielakepa at Artspace Aotearoa. She has recently been announced as one of the 2020 Prince Claus Laureates for the prestigious Prince Claus Awards, which focus is on rewarding cultural activism around the globe, often taken place in hard realities.

Her work is deeply invested in the social values that are produced by the communal work of tapa and other forms of art. We show it at Artspace Aotearoa because we believe this is a true form of art, it is a highly contemporary discussion, it has civic urgency and we can all learn about behaviours that surround Tongan society and Lady Tuna's lifework especially.

We can't congratulate you enough Lady Tunakaimanu Fielakepa, our friends at Para Site Hong Kong, Vivian Ziherl and all the fantastic artists that surround her work.

Come and see our exhibition now at Artspace Aotearoa!

>You can read more about the 2020 recipients here.