17 November – 3 February 2024


Prairie Hatchard-McGill
Angela Pan
Hulita Koloi

This is the first iteration of a newly formed commissioning platform for emerging artists in order to provide a significant early career exhibition opportunity. The small annual cohort of Aotearoa New Zealand based artists are commissioned in summer and engage with the organisation across the year and finish out the programme with an exhibition that sets the tone for the following year.

Our programme 2023

This year we explore the question “where does my body belong?” To have a body is a pre-existing condition we all live with and in, and spend our lives coming to know what this could mean. While we are all born with a body, each body comes with its own unique capacity and limitations. The whether or how these capacities and limits unfold is greatly determined by the society into which we emerge. This year we consider the vast range of what it is to have a body, be a body, and participate within the systems that enlarge or confine us in the dynamic friction of our daily life.