22 Nov – 20 Dec 2019

Summer Programme 2019

Illustration: Son La Pham
11 Oct – 09 Nov 2019

‘4/4’: Severine Costa, Xander Dixon

*Opening Night*

*Normative Utopia*
Neo-colonial “Edwardian” basin and taps, security mirror,
Resene “half-Escape” blue wall
Severine Costa
2019 *Untitled (pole markers)*
15 powder-coated aluminium tubes
2000 x 25 mm (appx)
Xander Dixon

Image: Andreea Christache
30 Aug – 28 Sep 2019

‘4/4’:Daniel John Corbett Sanders, Anh Trần

*Outsider Artifact*
Sun sculpture from the entranceway to ‘Basement
Specialist Adult Store and Cruise Club’ imprinted in
non-firing natural clay, acrylic paint, cigarette butt, ash.
Daniel John Corbett Sanders

Image: Andreea Christache *The Imaginary*
Acrylic, Flashe, oil, and spray paint on linen 1900 x 2400mm
Anh Trần

Image: Andreea Christache
07 Jun – 17 Aug 2019

Guy Ngan: Either Possible or Necessary

*Guy Ngan: Either Possible or Necessary* Opening Night 2019 Guy Ngan, *Procreation No. 2*, 1970
07 Jun – 17 Aug 2019

Guy Ngan: Heritage Registration

Guy Ngan, [title unknown], Bledisloe State Building Mural, 1956 Guy Ngan, [title unknown], Birkenhead Post Office, 1981 [TBC]
07 Jun – 17 Aug 2019

Guy Ngan: Whakamāui Recovery Positions by Mark Harvey

15 Mar – 25 May 2019


*Layover*, 2019.

*Kai as Koha* (detail), BC Collective, multimedia installation, Bot Pots black clay, Macs red clay, Primo Paper clay, Macs white clay, Coyote underglazes and Abbotts clear glaze, black acrylic, digitally printed wallpaper, hiapo, miscellaneous meals, 2019. 

Image: Sam Hartnett 2019 *Layover*, 2019

1. Wallpaper designed by Louisa Afoa, 2019.
2.*Locating Home*, Cora-Allan Wickliffe, 2018. 
3. *The Kitchen*, Louisa Afoa, 2011.
4. *Reubens Room*, Louisa Afoa, 2011. 

Image: Sam Hartnett 2019