06 Dec – 03 Apr 2022

Guilty Pleasures: a mural by Bronte Perry

Photo by Sam Hartnett. Photo by Sam Hartnett.
05 Nov – 19 Feb 2022

Cruel Optimism: New Artists Show 2021

From Left:

*faith devours hope*, 2021.

Anto Yeldezian
*Eden Race*, 2021.
Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Photo: Sam Hartnett Ming Ranginui
*She lived allgoods ever after*, 2021.
Satin, beads, rhinestones, satin cord, elastic cord, wadding, cord locks.

Photo: Sam Hartnett
04 Nov – 07 Nov 2021

BIG FISH LITTLE BOAT: Artspace Aotearoa in exchange with Blue Oyster Art Project Space

Still from *heat transfers* by Ed Ritchie, 2021, 7:16 minutes Portrait of Ed Ritchie, Courtesy of the Artist
18 Oct – 19 Dec 2021

Te tomo kōhua

Still from ‘Ma'u pe kai’ by Matavai Taulangau. Courtesy of the artist. Still from ‘Ma'u pe kai’ by Matavai Taulangau. Courtesy of the artist.
14 Oct – 19 Oct 2021

Online Catalogue: When The Dust Settles Fundraising Auction

23 Sep – 03 Oct 2021

Premiere: 'Neighbourhood of Truth' by Cushla Donaldson and Quentin Lind

Still from 'Neighbourhood of Truth', 2021. Courtesy of the artists. Still from 'Neighbourhood of Truth', 2021. Courtesy of the artists.
18 Aug – 19 Oct 2021

When The Dust Settles

29 May – 07 Aug 2021

Slow Boil

*The Ground Swallows You Part II*
Matthew Galloway Stainless Steel
3 x dispersed works 
3000 mm

*Sky Table*
Boil Up Crew, Slow Boil Collective 

Image: Sam Hartnett, 2021. Image: *Slow Boil Opening Dinner*, Marc PW, 2021.
07 May – 12 May 2021

Conversation Pieces

*Conversation Pieces*

Alice Langbrown

Image: Sam Hartnett, 2021. *Conversation Pieces*

p. A

Image: Sam Hartnett, 2021.
13 Apr – 15 May 2021

Sovereign Pacific / Pacific Sovereigns with Rangituhia Hollis, Ana Iti, Alex Monteith, Sione Monu and Gary-Ross Pastrana

Gary Ross Pastrana, *Rewilding*, 2018. Sione Monu, *Only Yesterday*, 2020.
01 Mar – 28 May 2021

Artist in Residence: Jade Townsend

Artist in Residence
Image: Harry Were
27 Feb – 20 Aug 2021

Manawa i te Kāniwha, a mural by Abigail Aroha Jensen and Georgina Watson

Image: Sam Hartnett, 2021. Image: Sam Hartnett, 2021.
27 Feb – 10 Apr 2021

Un-Documented: Unlearning Imperial Plunder by Ariella Aïsha Azoulay

Cinema Programme
24 Feb – 01 May 2021

I Think You Like Me But I’ve Been Wrong About These Things Before

17 Feb – 17 Feb 2021

The Drift-Kōrewa: ruangrupa Podcast Series